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I really Love the New interface of inbox. I really was thinking something like this,


Do you like it? I am thinking this will make more easy our inbox conversation now.


You may be in the minority. :wink:


yeah in previous inbox I was also facing many errors, I hope fiverr will make his website more better in future, Thank you


No comments, because I’m still awaiting my turn for the new rollout. :pineapple:

Are there any shortcodes to navigate? or assigning color-coded labels?


Consider yourself lucky. :slight_smile:


Sadly, my inbox is far too buggy for me. Sometimes there is no option to type a reply. Occasionally, pressing enter reverts to sending messages rather than starting a new line. Worst of all, I like to see what I write. 7 millimeters of screen space is just not enough.


Ouch! That doesn’t sound good, Frank! :grimacing:

Warning received, sounds like it is a PITA.


:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: lol


I don’t think I fancy it though, it’s too tight, with everything jam-packed. :pensive:


Hmmm Yeah:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


On the contrary, I do think it makes a lot of sense, the new inbox. :slight_smile:

Incoming and outgoing messages are real-time and you get to easily switch conversation screens between the people you are chatting with.

I would personally say this is better than the previous inbox user interface, it has the whole IM feel to it. :slight_smile:


Do you mean you are yet to get the new inbox look?

It took me months to get it too(not until last month), but when I finally got it, I had thought it was time for everyone else… lol


Of course! new inbox looking wow some


It’s terribly buggy.
Here’s what I see every now and then. Freaking scroll bar in the middle of the input field :disappointed:


Ha! This exactly the same issue I’m facing.
Another World Class UI design from fiverr.


I’ve had that too for a bit and could only reply after clicking a canned response into it and then deleting/replacing it with my actual text. Seems okay again though for the last few days, hoping the bug went away for good :slight_smile: . Really annoying one.

Else, I like the new inbox.The issue that often I need to click around like a mad woman to finally make the pink dot go away when their is no reason anymore for it to be there, remains, alas, and an inbox search function would be great too, put that in site suggestions already, though.

But I don’t have an issue with the enter/new line, and I like the buyer info box on the right side


The buyer info on the right should maybe list open orders or something more useful. It does list past orders, but it would be better to see like an open orders with a deadline and all. Otherwise I need to open up the orders.

Besides the bugs I guess the UI design is fine.


That would be a good addition for sure.


Its been okay for me EXCEPT for the fact that all the recent updates literally broke the site on Safari browser. At least for me. I literally had to download chrome because the site was unusable. But with chrome the new inbox style is fine. It’s so much easier to go through multiple messages at once.


Yes I have notice that too, Hope this will solve by fiverr very soon. It cannot go until we refresh the the page.