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I really need Desktop Notifications for Available Now messages

So, here’s the deal:

I sit down in my computer, set my status to “AVAILABLE NOW” and start editing the voice overs in my queue. The Fiverr page is right below the DAW, so I’m really one click away from my inbox.

I receive a message, but I don’t notice the sound notification since I’m working on a sound file. Kindly check the time of the message: 14:01 (Actually 13:01)

InkedImage 003_LI

The notification in-Fiverr pops up 3 whole minutes after the message has been received. That’s past half the time I have to reply:

Image 002

And the e-Mail (the actual notification that made me aware of the incoming message) came in exactly when the deadline was met.

Now, some observations:

  • When set on “available now” I check from time to time the Fiverr tab.
  • I understand we should be able to use the “available now” feature when able to respond within a few clicks. However, if there’s no actual system that notifies us promptly (other than the SFX which I don’t notice when either editing sound or listening to music), we’re screwed.
  • If I’m supposed to stay the whole time in the Fiverr page just in case a message pops up… that’s not practical either.

These are my 5 cents. Heck, I might even have received a message while writing this down! :grin:

Thanks for the read!



So the only way you know if you have a message is when you get the email? I don’t get them for an hour sometimes. And on my phone it takes at least 15 minutes sometimes.

The only way I know immediately if I get a message is if I’m on fiverr on my laptop and looking at the screen and not using another app.


@misscrystal i lost my available now feature for getting notification after 15 minutes, even its quite difficult to brow my pc on every minute. :expressionless:


Do you have an email program where you can specify how often to check for messages? eg. in Thunderbird you can set it to “Check for new messages every 1 minute”. Though that won’t help if it takes 5 minutes for the message to actually get sent.