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I really need help! It's kind of urgent. Uncertain customer

Hi. Sorry to place the word “urgent” into the title, but I got bogged down. My timer’s ticking and advancing really fast, I have a website project to make, made the design because the buyer did not give me clear instructions, just wanted “a new website”. Now he doesn’t like my design, wants all stripped.

One of his messages a few seconds ago:

Well that is what I need a designer hehe sorry I dont want to be disrespectful or something like that, Iam not that type of a guy, but if we remove the slides and keep the front page as a page, we have projects, gallery, about us etc I dont know

A lot of “don’t knows” from him.

Yeah and also looks like you have chossen pictures from online and that is okey

His old website had a lot of photos directly downloaded off Google, mine are royalty free stocks. If I remove the slider and other data, I’m basically gonna strip the website and I’m at zero. I tried explaining to him that the website will function at a whole different level, everything is measure to the milimeter, the old website was such a mess and an ugly piece of, I won’t even name it a craft, but some awful creation.

I don’t know what he wants, he’s not giving me clear instructions, and he’s not sure about anything. I’ve changed the main color 10 times already because he didn’t like this tint or that tint.

It’s my first time here I take on a bigger website project. It’s bi-lingual, I have a second language to set-up, and have no time really. I’m wasting time on rotating one font or one color 20 times to meet his expectations

I don’t know how to proceed now.


My advice would be
Tell him that you did your work according to brief given, and even much better.
For making new concept charge extra, simple as that. Don’t do it for free. I know how its like going back and forth with buyer but take an attitude on this man. State that you dont want to be rude, and tell him to decide final look. I mean, you wont be his lifetime support and change colors and typo for the rest of your life for him. Thats just apsurd and painful.


You need to tell him that you cannot move forward if he’s vague. He needs to be very specific.

Also cut the work into parts.

Unless Part A of the work is finished, then go to Part B.

I have received many customer like these, and by being specific and cutting the work into parts I’m able to finish the job


Agree with @jocelinsanchez

Provide the update one by one…,

Perhaps…, you can provide youor client with flat JPG design first?
so your client can see the layout and design first…, and you don’t need to do the hard work first


Good suggestions so far. Also note that, if you’ve already delivered the order, even if it says “late” it won’t count against you.

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I don’t care already what counts against me. I halted work and hasn’t finished it yet because I don’t have clear instructions and I don’t know which images and which text to place on the main page. I have 6 days and a few hours to complete that.

You need to take the lead and stop allowing him to make all these changes.

It is supposed to be your choice and decision if he keeps saying “I don’t know”. You have to learn how to be very firm. Tell him what is going to look good and what is going to work best and be as if you are guiding him and informing him.

You have to have a very solid professional attitude if you are going to be doing this. It’s up to you to develop the kind of no nonsense personality and professionalism that lets them know not only can they not continue to jerk you around over tints and fonts but you are going to do what is best for him and you are the designer who knows everything so he does not have to think about it.

It’s all in how you communicate. Are you just going along with his "I don’t know"s or are you a take charge professional who is secure and confident and telling him how it’s going to be so it works best? Seriously, communication is at least 60% of your job so you better learn to be very good at it.

You do not have to keep changing fonts and colors! You should be the boss. You are the expert right? He “don’t know”.


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