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I really need help starting out on Fiverr


Hello all , I have recently finished a BA degree in visual effects and I would like to do some Fiverr gigs to build up my CV . I was wondering if any of you have tips for a beginner in this site , here is a link to one of my more recent gigs .


It’s an nice gig however, you could try inserting a relevant video to try to catch more attention. You could also lengthen your description. One more thing you could try is to use keywords that are search more often. Hope I was helpful.

I had to remove the links but they’re in my profile I think.


Thanks for the response it is really helpful , but what would you consider to be relevant ? like a video of me speaking ? i will check your gigs out and possibly add you as a contact or something if i have further questions :slight_smile: thanks again


Yes something like that. A short, concise explanation on the service you will be providing. I’m not an expert on Fiverr yet and I’m also fairly new. Still trying to earn my first dollar on the platform.


we will both make it eventually :slight_smile: do gigs stay on forever or expire ?


They stay on forever unless they get removed by Fiverr or by yourself.