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I really need some money to solve problems


i came to fiverr as a helping website, that if i offer something to the public, they order it, and since i offered my gig only one buyer came, i subscribed with my modem with a borrowed money, now i am fading up friends please help me, i am a graphic designer what will i do to attract buyers


Unfortunately, you are competing against millions of other gigs. Most sellers don’t come here, set up a their gigs and immediately start making great sales. Most start slow, and slowly over time build up their business. Most sellers also do their own promotion, usually on their social media accounts. The forums have hundreds of posts written to help newcomers with these things, so you need to go read them. There is a search engine for the forum, upper right corner, to help you find topics, such as “how to optimize my gigs”, “how to find buyers”, etc.

I do have a suggestion for you. All of your gigs are graphic, but you only show one image for each (and one is a photo of you). You can upload up to 3 images for each gig. People are not going to buy graphic gigs from someone they don’t know without first looking at as many samples as possible. You need to upload more examples of your work! So for the logo gig: you need to upload logos you’ve created. For the ebook covers, show a bunch of ebook covers you’ve made. Also, you must write exactly what a buyer will receive with your gig, for example what format, is it HD?, how many revisions. Otherwise you are leaving yourself open to problems. (Go look at other graphic gigs to see what I mean).

Good luck~