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I really need to make some proper money

Any advice on making money ?.. And please do not say a job, I have one ha ha.

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Well, if you came to Fiverr to get rich, you probably won’t.

But you could make an okay part-time income.

Do yourself a favour and go to the Fiver Forum Home Page and enter “how to succeed on Fiverr” in the search window and read the posts that come out of the search results.

While you’re at it, read the Fiverr Terms of Service to learn how the system works.

Remember, there is a lot of advice here.

Some of it is bad, so beware.


Check this out: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!

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1-Work in a niche where you have skills
2-Be passionate by what you’re doing
3-Be attractive
4-Make great quality services
5-Manage your sales

And then maybe you’re gonna be “rich”


Thank you for the information i will check it out.