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I really really like doing my gigs Fiverr but you really must get a grip

I have been doing gigs for a while now and really enjoy what I do when you consider how long it takes to do one of my photo repairs you will understand that I don’t do it for the $4 i receive but you really must get a grip on these people who are offering services on customer requests also now offering pirate copies of Photoshop and other graphic programs. First 10 in requests are offers of work and this is happening nearly every week now

What do you mean, are you saying there are sellers out there trying to sell the Photoshop program to people? Report them to Adobe

yes they are thats exactly what im saying

Report them. With millions of users, it is hard for Fiverr to police everyone. I know on other big sites like Youtube and Facebook, they have a report button to report any violations so I assume you can do the same on Fiverr.