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I really want money. Will do anything you want as far as it is in my domain

Please help me earn money on fiverr. Tell me what you want and I will create a gig for you. You can buy my existing gigs too.
Please contact me. I will help you the most efficiently if you help me.
Thank you.

So what you’re saying is that you won’t do anything I want?

Lose the desperation. It’s not attractive and it won’t get you sales. Also, how can you possibly have a gig offering “make money online” tips and not have a clue how to make money on Fiverr? Amazon reviews are not allowed and could get you sued, I doubt you ability to write an essay with a passing grade–do you really think helping students to cheat is morally acceptable?–and how on earth is you pretending to make a wish going to help some rando’s dream come true?

No. Just no. Go and develop a skill then come back.

Please don’t advertise yourself or your gigs like this anywhere but My Fiverr Gigs. It will be better for you and all other forum users if you use areas such as Conversations to ask for help and advice regarding your gigs, not promote yourself.