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I Really Want To Help But I Don't know How

Hi All.

I recently started a gig to help raise some funds for the orphanage close to my house. We don’t have government supported orphanages in Nigeria and if they can’t raise money, these homes and the kids, usually end up in the cracks somewhere. I am trying to do all I can to forestall that hence the gig.

But I don’t know how to get people to notice it. I’ve publicized it on my social media pages but I’m not achieving much. At this point I am open to any ideas.


Sheriff’s Note: Moved.

You can attract existing buyers sellers on fiverr by publicizing the gig on fiverr forums

Okay, I’ve never done that. How do I go about it?

Try to daily advertise your gig in social media (Twitter, niche Facebook Groups, Google+, LinkedIn, etc).

I’ll come and take a look and socially share it for you.x

Thanks Cariad, that would be helpful. Whitehatseo10, I have tried that and I will keep trying but it seems like no one is interested in helping these kids :frowning:

Please don’t be offended by what I’m going to say here, @naijapikin. I’ve donated time, money, food, goods and services my entire adult life. When I make donations to local (to me) charities, I can see exactly where funds go and how the community is helped. When I donate to large national or international charities, I always check the reputation of the organization from sources like the Better Business Bureau or Charity Navigator or Charity Watch. I’m sure you (or the orphanage) will spend any funds you receive in the manner you say you will, but there is no way for anyone to confirm that. Because charity scams involve more money than any other scams in the world (billions of dollars are lost, stolen, misappropriated or used for personal gain of administrators), people may be reluctant to donate. Sending a receipt for the money someone sends to you tells them nothing about how the money gets used. You might have better luck and get more funds by applying for a grant, or seeking help from a faith-based organization. Because applying for grants is a specialty which should be done by someone with experience or training, you might consider approaching a charitable organization to fund a grant writer for the orphanage. Also, try searching on the internet for “charities that help poor Africans” or similar and you will find dozens of groups which you could contact and share the story of your orphanage to see if you can get help from any. I wish you great good luck with your worthy efforts~

Thank you celticmoon. Perhaps I will do that instead.

Hello, My husband and i were in the same boat and we had many projects through our organization that were never seen. Finally after a lot of encouragement we went a head and created a full business for churches and charities to advertise their projects. We just completed the program, it not only provides a place for promotion it is also a full fundraising program please check it out here on the MGE-web ring. If I can be of service please don’t hesitate to call on me. God bless

@ CelticMoon- just a note- because of the MGE world wide connections we can put boots on the ground to check out any orphanage or group, there fore we can quickly authenticate a smaller group, and if the report is favorable quickly begin to promotes their needs. So many people really do want to help but don’t know where to start we hope to bridge that gap.

@naijapikin, please update us on your progress and best wishes.