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I really want to rant, although I know it wont change anything


I think I have had a great experience with fiverr so far. When I just started my journey I didn’t get a whole barrage of orders, as a matter of fact, I actually started taking fiverr serious about a year after signing up. In my first year of actively working, I typically got an order every day or every other day. I tweaked my gigs to make them better, promoted to my social media accounts and put a hundred and one percent effort into my deliveries which paid off.

Soon after getting my level two badge I also got featured, man, was I happy! After that I started getting around 3 to 4 orders a day. Over the years there have been changes to the site and I have had to go with the flow. Make adjustments to my gigs, provide good service to my clients, try to build a good relationship with some long term clients, although, contrary to what some people believe, you rarely find a client that orders consistently for longer than 3 months, it does happen, but not as often as I would hope.

On to this year, I got a success manager, made some more changes to my gigs, was promoted to TRS, had two great months after. But, at this moment its like I am back to square one, my best seller gets an order two times a week, if I am lucky, that is how bad it is.

My head is still above water, but its a constant battle every day to stay afloat. I experimented by trying out some other categories, which regrettable, I didn’t do before. My new gigs bring in an order a day, sometimes one every two days. I feel that the site is actually getting less traffic than it used to, or maybe its just my imagination, but I hope it picks up in the immediate future.


Hi @lastay
Great to see your rant… I suggest you do the following

  1. Add more gigs in different categories
  2. Never lose hope


Share gig
Provide quality service
and bid on buyer request