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****. I really want to scratch my head at people who don't read. (Insert Wink Face here)


Am I the only person this irritates?

I browse through the topics. And I see 5 million of the same topic. (Yes. I’m upping the numbers a bit).

Okay I think. It happens. Especially on forums.

But, this really really bugs me.

A topic is posted. Someone answers/posts, and then the next poster continues like they’ve never even read the prior post. Even if the prior post answered the question or addressed what the new poster ends up posting again.

The worst part? It even happens when there’s only 2 or 3 posts.

I understand that this happens on every forum but really. Couldn’t the new poster at least read the previous post?



This is how forums work my friend! Some people dont take the time to read or they just want to get more posts so they look more popular! :slight_smile: