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I Reborn yesterday after 2 years!

After 2 years of Fiverr Journey, Successfully done 1300+ jobs now im a new seller.There is no Buyer Requests …Not a single one in current_filter=active. Do you think My Clients will order me randomly ?? How Can I work for then? With What I work

Should I leave Fiverr ? Or What ? Okay I’m going to stay, can you please suggest me how?? :frowning:

No. I doubt anyone will “order from you randomly”. But if you work hard to market and promote your gigs and services, I bet you’ll find plenty of customers.

Business market and promote their products and services. You should too.

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I was also demoted to a new seller and that coupled with the fact that I was in vacation mode for close to a month greatly affected my traffic. What helped me was return clients. After a couple of orders from return clients, I started getting orders from new clients as well. So I guess that might also help you. Maybe consider reaching out to past clients to see if they are interested in placing more orders? maybe even entice them with a discount? Not that I did that - I was just blessed that they came back without my intervention.

Don’t despair. Keep hope alive and keep doing!


No - that could get your account closed due to spamming?


May be its not the right way…

Is this somethings I get after 2 years worked here… :frowning: Very disappointed. There is no Buyer Requests

Really? That’s considered spamming!? had no idea!

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I’m afraid so - it would only take one spam complaint - don’t want that! :wink:

Good luck! :sunny:

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You should not take the chance.


Don’t worry - I won’t! :slightly_smiling_face: