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I receive messages from buyers but not orders. Why?

I made my Fiverr profile in June 2020. After some time, I started receiving messages from clients who liked my work but they did not return back to place an order despite the fact that I try to respond to them as soon as possible. :pensive: :pensive: Recently, I received messages from a client, I also did some sample work which he liked, he also said that he will ask from his partner and will reply me after some hours but the next day when I asked him about his final decision, he didn’t reply me. What can be the reason? Any suggestions?


It is how it works.
When you go shopping and you like an item/cloth do you always purchase it?

It is different for everybody based on how good you are at marketing and therefore up selling your own services, your prices, your communication. However there are some factors which don’t depend on us, like:

  • people simply search for services which they like and may think on purchasing, but they never do

For me, literally only around 2% of all the impressions are clicks. I receive many messages daily, but only a few of them become customers.
I don’t actually go after potential clients. Once I have tried to introduce my services and to reply to their questions, it’s up on them to rather buy it or not. I never write them twice.

If they have any questions, they’ll ask. If they are interested in my services they’ll buy it.

It is how the market works. You’ll get many messages and of course, not everyone will eventually become clients.


Thank you so much stefanyoshovski for the help

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Do you reply with a message or with a custom offer?

So long as you have enough information from the potential buyer to give you confidence that you can do the job, I would recommend always replying with a custom offer. This way they just need to click ‘accept’ - and you’ve got the order.

In my experience potential buyers quickly get bored of messaging too much. Or, given it is unlikely that you were the only seller they approached, I would suggest another seller followed my advice above and secured the order before you!


This is a great advice but… it’s very hard to have all needed information if you haven’t exchanged any messages with the buyer yet. Sending a custom offer, proceeding with the order just to realize later on that you and the buyer are not on the same boat, can lead to the cancellation of the order, that will affect your stats. I personally think it’s better to exchange few words before sending a custom offer.


Thanks to all for the suggestions. Next time I’ll to get some important points from the buyer related to the project and then reply with a custom offer. Thanks again