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I receive report

I receive report. what should I do? And are there any ways to serve the sentence and remove it


Tell us more about the report.

spam but i write just one massage

Even if it’s just one time if it was a spam message you will get a warning.


Share the message. (remember to remove names).

Ok, but how remove my warning

You don’t - warnings are permanent. Just don’t break the rules.


If I don’t see it, I cannot help.

You can take a screenshot of it and wipe out the name or cover it with some line or something.

So everybody here can see and give you suggestions what to do.

I don’t think we need to “see” anything.

They received a TOS warning because they spammed someone. Perhaps they wrote to someone offering their services without receiving a message from them first; maybe they spammed a TRS to ask how to get orders, maybe they kept bugging the buyer about rating them or perhaps they tried to circumvent the BR and found the person’s account and wrote to them directly instead of using the BR properly.

Either way, you did wrong, it will be on your account most likely for 60 days. Do not message anyone unless they message you FIRST. Your ‘sentence’ is 60 days.