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I received 1 star rating, plz help me

I’m freelancer in Fiverr. Our community is perfect. I’m new to fiverr, but when I get my frist order, I’m failed to complete order in time because other reasons, and received 1 star rating😢.

Please can you suggest what to do next? How I get order again, because my gig rankings are not good. Please help me.

Please take a look here:


Hi friend, can you please suggest me that I can get order in future? I trying to get order, but my gigs ranking are down.

You can delete this gig and create new gig, or continue with this gig then try on the best for buyer after to get 5 stars.

Even you contact with support, their not help you, can’t change everything. I sure.

I’m deleted this gig, but my frist order with negative review can negativity impact on my other gig search rankings. So can I get more orders in future, or any guide to boost my gig rankings?

I’ve been received 1 star. The only way I do is to stop worries, and take care of my gig better. I continue to patience with that gig, and now I get more order.


You should always communicate with your buyer. Keep them informed and help them understand.

Most buyers i’ve dealt with are very understanding.

For your next gig, give yourself more time to deliver. Once you’re comfortable delivering in that time frame try to reduce it.

Good luck!

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Hi tshrgood1

Always contact your client you are going to need more time, whether it is an extra day or two. Tell them the job is a little more complex then usual and you need more time to deliver a quality product. They should understand. You can contact them through the chat or order page. From there end, they will be able to extent the time you request. I have had to do this a few times and have never been met with a negative response, they are usually understanding. I hope this helps. Sincerely Gary


Yes you can get orders, bring your local client to fiverr if possible.

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You can contact your buyer. Then tell him

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This late delivery is marked automatically by Fiverr so no point in contacting the buyer.

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Well, after that rating, will fiverr support my other gigs and give them good rank in search results?

The only way to check that is for you to monitor what is happening with your gigs.

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Contact through Fiverr resoluion method and offer refund