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I received 3rd warning

i received third warning now i’m near to down. i did put day and night on fiverr and get 70feedbacks… i get warnings by buyer mistake… the told i didn’t do done work but i done work.


3 warnings and none of them your fault… :roll_eyes: All 3 of them solely because of your buyers’ mistakes… Oh, such bad buyers! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:


no 1 with my mistake

What were the three warnings for? In any case, there is nothing forum users can do to help you. You will have to take it up with CS.


Well best of luck, please do take this with you: Never treat a bad review as a customers fault, find out what caused it, maybe your communication was not clear, maybe he did not proerly state his expectation, whatever it is it there is always a reason behind it and an opportunity to learn :slight_smile: And 3 warnings are really quite a lot of opportunities to learn :slight_smile:

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contact customer support.

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will fiverr open my account ? 2 warnings are not my mistake

You still haven’t answered this :arrow_down: question.

There’s no way we can answer your question without you answering my question first. We need more information to help answer your question.

Besides, as has already been mentioned, you will have to ask those questions to CS. They are the only ones who can give you the right answer.


There is no mistake a buyer can make that gets you a warning. Warnings that lead to a shut down of your account are all the result of ToS violations. Nobody can violate them for you.
It is all you fault.
Just like all the other self pitying loser, who blame others for the results of their own wrong doings, you should start taking responsibility, not just on Fiverr, but in Life in general.


no sir… buyer there are many cases buyer said work not completed. but workd completed and i delivered… on this base i received two warnings… but i was completed work

Maybe show evidence of that to CS if it will help, ie. if 2 of the warnings shouldn’t have been given. Maybe 2 of the warnings could be removed if CS agree that the work was completed as per order requirements/gig description.

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so your warnings were for partial or empty delivery? Why are you keep hiding and not telling the whole story if you want our help?
@hanshuber16 already asked you few times the question that you ignored.

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mariashtelle1 and mariashtelle1 thanks both of you for your valued replies…

when i was received first warning at the time of when customer leave me 3 star feedback i asked him to leave 5 … then i was received first warning… ( i admit it’s my mistake)

then after it i read whole pricacy policy and study almost all rules of fivers…

after few days i received again 1 more warning for delivering order without completion
(with buyer we were committed to remove virus from website that for i had to get paid) i removed virus and then delivered the order… but buyer told me work not completed (in sense his his website not working not in sense i haven’t completed work). i did his complete work he give me extra amount because i did work more than committed…

(i must not had received warning there because i was completed my work what me and buyer was committed)

and about third warning… buyer told me his website not working… i told him what ever there will issue i’ll resolve for 15usd… he get agreed (but he told me i have to work on teamweaver so he also understand) i was told it;s ok (all chats in fiverr message) … i was goes to his teamweaver and did more than 2 hours work all goes in vain… then i found a small problem in hosting i told to client. we get resolved it within 2-3 minutes by chating with support)

it’s mean i done my work… then i asked the client can i deliver the project… he told me hosting team resolve issue not me… ( i received third warning here)

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Not 100% true, you might get falsely reported, and the customer team does not always understand the english language propperly, so they might missunderstand a sentence if the right (wrong) keywords are in it. Sure it is rather the exception than the rule, but it does happen. That being said, getting 3 of those… rather unlikely.

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So warnings are like this:

  1. Asking for 5 star review (against the tos)
  2. Incomplete work (maybe you did whole work, maybe you didn’t, there are always 2 sides in this)
  3. Contacting outside of Fiverr (against the tos)

Yeah, at this point, it looks very unlikely that you will be getting your account back. However, as has already been pointed out, only CS can give you a definitive answer.

Good luck! :sunny:


1… i admit my mistake
2… all proof in chats buyer also very polite and good person but he want me to make his website complete as well only only removing virus (i did that he make me extra amount)

3… programming sir 100’s of cases customer can’t explain his issue… i also read this on many places team weaver is allowed

Any sort of outside communication requires prior permission from Fiverr. If you do not take prior permission before contacting your buyer off of Fiverr, Fiverr considers it a violation of their ToS.

Only if/after Fiverr gives you permission to contact a buyer outside Fiverr (via teamviewer, sk ype, etc)… i.e. Only after Fiverr deems off-Fiverr communication with your buyer absolutely necessary for order completion… can you contact a buyer off of Fiverr.