I received 6 orders in my first 5 days I started!


I’m beginning to like Fiverr now that I know it has potential to earn money. I like how it’s simple and easy especially when you hand quality work to customers. I don’t think theres any other website out there like Fiverr, I was feeling quite frustrated for the past few days because I was unemployed and didn’t know how to support myself independently. I can’t wait to see what it can do for me.


Congratulations! I love your testimonial gig video. You are very talented. Wishing you continuous success; )


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


I am inspired to read your post. Wishing your great future on Fiverr.



i join fiver 2 days ago, and i made 3 orders in 2 days.
you can check my gigs too


Hello I have joined Fiverr.com. But there is no order I have got yet. I am potential but no way. Can you please suggest me to get more order.


Congrats…wish u more success…can you please share the strategy you used…it would be a great help for desperate new sellers like me😀



I joined last week but i didn’t get any order yet. Would you please share with us your strategies which you followed to get order?


Is it really !!! You are very lucky


Congrats on a job well done…


You are lucky man. I got first sale for next week after create new gigss