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I received a bad review unfairly


Hello! I received a bad review unfairly. What should I do? Please help me.


how do yo mean by “unfairly”?


Unfair because I did everything right to please the client.


I’m afraid we will need more information to try to help you. What kind of service? What client asked? What you delivered? What did he write in his review?

We can’t really help without knowing a full story.


Hello @photoshop2017,

I understand you, but according to my experience nothing to do. If you contact support they answer “we can’t force to buyer”.

Last 5 days ago i have done 3 order of my buyer. He ask for another work but i don’t accept it reason of cost. So he direct told me if it do not agree with him he will not review the order. He is not satisfied about work.

He mark those order as completed but not gave me any review. It was my 1st job in my life.

Then last 2 days i had 2 order with 5* review. I suggest you just left it and try to get another some work so your profile rating will be good.

Here we are only sellers and some buyer, we can’t any help you, but you can ask for help to support i think it’s unless they will not take any action may be.

Fiverr even all marketplace always support buyers 80% and buyer took advantage. Nothing to do, and yes you have to achieve skill to understand buyer, when you talk with theme before going with him/her try to understand about his/her mentality. So you can easily avoid such things and don’t expect huge work but expect some good clients.

Thank you.


Excuse me. I am Photoshop2017. I received an order on the 28th from a client. The customer had to replace the background. I began work immediately and after 5 hours I passed him four, instead of one result. The next day, he refused to accept them and added new backgrounds in the mail. In my inbox I made him more than 10 samples. All this time he scared me with a bad review.

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Please remove the name of a seller.

Then you should contact customer support with screenshots where buyer was blackmailing you, that is forbidden on this website.

Secondly, write your response to their review and explain the situation.

If support will find this review unfair and person did blackmail you then they will remove the review.
(However I just checked and person write his review about quiality of work)

But be careful and don’t contact buyer directly asking about the review, they might give you a warning for that.


1.remove his name from this post, its against the rule.
2. i think you should just let it go, even the support wouldn’t probably give you some satisfying response.
i believe you’d get other clients who would give your your desired reviews.

its really not so good what the client did, cos it seems you did more than enough to satisfy him, but you know, sh*ts happen.

i wish all the best.


Thank you very much!


Many thanks for the support!


What is the meaning of this?And about which reply?
Mod Note: Forum readers should flag posts if someone calls out a user by username. Moderators may not catch these posts unless they are flagged. Thank you.


Thank you very much for the advice!