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I received a direct message from a buyer and i can't reply

Thank you for having time to read this now since you are here i would like to ask why i’am not able to reply a buyer who happen to contact me directly before placing an order. There is a message at the bottom “He may not be contacted at this time”.

I am new to fiverr and don’t know much if this is happening with every seller or not.


Your ‘buyer’ has possibly been reported for spamming, so they’ve lost their messaging abilities. :sunny:

Did the message you received sound as if it could be spammy?


it didn’t feel spam though. He/she was asking about details if i could deliver what he is going to order. He/she just sent me details of his project/order to which i am unable to reply.

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Maybe the buyer has contacted several sellers offering similar gigs to get the best offer? That could be considered spamming I guess. If he placed an order with you, you should still be able to message him in the order conversation or look for an option within the regular chat to “unblock spam”, hope that works. :slight_smile:


You should be able to unblock the user and reply.


thank you all for your concerns. Hey, i can’t see the unblock spam thing i checked it for quite a while, can someone help me on finding it. Thank you again.

I’ve two images attached, image%201image%202

the first one is the message you see when there is no order, you can click on the “unmark spam”. The second one shows up when you have an active order with the buyer, there you can just click on “here”.

This is the exact message i got. However i just clicked on the buyer name to visit his profile which no longer exist. He may have deleted his fiverr account ?

That’s odd. I never had this issue but if the user account doesn’t exist anymore, shouldn’t the order have been cancelled automatically?

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I experienced the same. I just sent a sample she asked and suddenly there’s that kind of message. I feel like, am I blocked or something? I didn’t think I sent any inappropriate message, just simply sent her sample. Also, her account is still active with ‘the top buyer’ label, so I don’t think she’s scammer or something.

I wish I found the answer about it :’(

Sometimes that “Seems like you already have an active order” message does not appear, but the chat box is greyed out still. So there’s no way to reply. Even refreshing the page does not work always. So have to go to order history manually, find the active order and respond there.

Also, you can’t drag and drop links or other text from the inbox, yet you used to be able to do so before the messaging system was changed. There were some other annoying bugs with it as well, but I don’t remember them all.

Seems like they don’t test out their new systems very thoroughly before implementing them, or then the testing is only done on one supported browser (Chrome), which I don’t use. :roll_eyes:

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That usually means the other person is blocked. The best thing to do is to ask Customer Support. This thread is a bit outdated but the answer is the same. Good luck!