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I received a direct message from buyer

he tell the detail of new in fiver so i did the work .but now he did not reply me when i delivered the work


what should i do.wait for his reply.

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Buyers don’t need to reply after you’ve delivered their order. :slightly_smiling_face:

Once you’ve delivered your order you don’t need to do anything else, and nor do they.

I’ve just re-read your post - you didn’t do the work before you got a proper order did you?


ok thank you.but he message me not give direct order

Why did you complete the work without an order?

So the buyer’s got the finished work, and you’re hoping they’ll come back and send an order? Why would they when you gave them the work?

Please, never complete work without an order.


i sent him a buyer request.
so he text me and give the detail of i did the work

Did he place an order and pay for the work? If not he got it free so a lesson learned!


If he didn’t place the order, you just gave him work for free.

For future reference: never start working until the buyer actually places the order.


This is what I call being too overly anxious for a job. :woman_facepalming:t4:


:persevere::tired_face::exploding_head:i will be carefull nect time.
thank you all of you


Let buyer wait for us to complete work :wink: not we wait for them to give payment :smiley:

Yes dear you should wait for his reply

Buyers are the ones who send buyer requests. You don’t have to do that… The next time a prospective buyer contacts you about an order, you could request them to send you a “custom order” and/or you could send them a “custom offer”… Either that or wait for them to place an order via your Gigs. If it is a custom offer, wait until they accept it before you start working on it.

@majed786 Be careful don’t do the work until he place an order or you do just sample little bit to proof or send an old work prrof

thank you all of you for advice

i hope on the next you get good client sir, keep fight

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