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I received a questionable email

About eight hours ago, while I was offline, I received a message from a user that has their settings turned to private. This meant I could not read their message on this site but instead had to read it in my email. That raised some flags but the bigger flag came from the message itself:

"Hi, I am ***** a United State army it would be great to get to know you ,kindly permit my contacting you through this medium.i have a very important and confidential matter that i want to discuss with you,i am in Syria for the sake of the crisis so kindly reply me so that i will introduce myself to is my email ****"

Am I wrong to be suspicious of this? And if I do need to report it, to whom do I?

That’s spam. That user probably sent that message to many people, and by the time you entered Fiverr to read it, the user had been reported and his messaging system disabled. That’s why you get that “…for privacy reasons this user may not get contacted…”.