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I received a revision about removing fiverr watermakrs

So a buyer have ordered and I’ve made the work, I received a revision about that person wanting me to remove the fiverr watermakrs. About 3 days has past and still no reply from that person as I told the buyer that it could be downloaded and received without any waterkmarks, etc.

What should I do?
This is affecting how I can level up : )

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No, this won’t affect you at all. The order should autocomplete soon (based on what you said, that you delivered 3 days ago).
The only thing that might affect you, is if the buyer gets angry after the order auto completes and leaves a negative feedback. (yes some buyers do…)
I suggest you to send them a message like this, “The order will be auto-completed by Fiverr -not me- shortly, I highly recommend it if you can communicate with me regarding the order if it needs revisions or if it 100% what you wanted. Regards.”
Might help in even having them rate you positively. Just do not ask for rating directly.

Good luck

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If the order is “in revision”, redeliver the files with a message that watermarks are added by fiverr and there is nothing you can do about it. The final files (which I believe the buyer gets access to after the order is marked as complete) will not contain watermarks.

BUT the funny thing is, I got a few complaints from buyers that even the final files had watermarks on them. I had to send the files via PMs. It happened 2-3 times so I’m not sure how widespread this issue is, though.