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I Received a Warning, but they won't tell me what for...?


Hi Everybody!

I hope this note finds you well. I can’t find another thread that has this topic, so my apologies if there is and I can’t find it.

I received a warning. It’s my first and I was quite surprised! I contacted CS to learn why and the response was

“Unfortunately, due to our Privacy Policy, we cannot disclose any further information.
Thank you for your understanding.”

I am a bit baffled because I don’t know what I did, and they won’t tell me… Obviously, I don’t want this to happen again. Has this happened to you? If so, what did you do wrong to warrant the warning?

Thanks! Any insight is much appreciated. Happy Friday!


Can you tell us the exact wording of the warning?


Hi misscrystal!
It was an orange bar across the top of my “Manage Sales” page, and when I clicked on it it disappeared.

Hi zimbert!
I don’t understand. You cannot contact CS?


What exactly did the orange bar say?


I wish I’d taken a screen shot – something like You have a violation of policy and have been issued a warning.

I contacted CS, and they won’t tell me how I violated them, just that “due to our Privacy Policy, we cannot disclose any further information.”

So, I’m at a loss.


I suggest reading through the terms of service carefully.

Also remember you cannot ask for 5 star reviews or promise anything extra for a 5 star review. And can only have one account. And can not curse at or use bad language with anyone. You also cannot have an “empty” delivery, where you don’t deliver anything, or deliver something that is not complete.


That was the first thing I did! I read through it from top to bottom. The only thing I can think of is that I did refuse a second order to a Seller because the first order was really difficult. In fact, this Seller told me she was adding me in her acknowledgments in her book because I helped her so much. She changed the project 7 times (and I’m not exaggerating). For that order I provided several deliveries, changes and specs and never once charged here anything extra. I told her I wouldn’t do any more orders for her. That’s the only thing I can think of. However, there was no request for 5 stars, no promise for anything extra, I only have one account, and I am super nice and understanding. Before the order was placed I worked with her, for free, to develop her storyboard and script. I felt sorry for her – and friends, I’ve learned my lesson!


So is she going to acknowledge you as ilovevoiceover in her book?


LoL! I don’t think she’s going to include me in her book since I told her I wouldn’t do another order with her. . No, she was going to use my full name not my Fiverr handle.


Did you tell her your full name?


misscrystal - yes. We worked together for 3 weeks before the order was placed. There are, and again I’m not exaggerating, over 140 correspondences with this Seller. I went above and beyond trying to help her. She changed her mind so many times. We were on version 8 of the storyboard when I cried uncle. Again - lesson learned!


So then the warning was for giving out your personal information to her.


For giving my name for her to put in her acknowledgments? People use their names on Fiverr all the time. And wouldn’t they just tell me that was the reason?


I guess so, yes. … I definitely would never do that. Doing all that free work for her raises a red flag to trust and safety department. And that would also be one way of accepting payment outside of fiverr, getting some kind of favor or mention like that also.


Well, that’s a potential reason. I didn’t remember reading that in the TOS. We may never know! LoL. Thanks for weighing in. I truly appreciate your input!


I see you are in the VO business.

Do you contact video sellers to offer your services?


Hi frank_d,

Yes, I’m in the studio every day. I am fortunately quite busy, and have made friends with many fellow media producers here. I don’t contact them, though. The voice is so specific to a client that they only contact me if I’m in the running and have the voice quality they envision.

Are you a video seller, frank? :grinning:


Just wanted to get the most obvious reason for a warning out of the way.

9/10 VO artists that spam me in my inbox think they are not breaking ToS at all.


Egads. Thankfully there’s the spam button.


Thanks for the input!