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I received a warning for sending spam messages

I sent message to a seller on Fiverr and asked him about a simple issue and its solution, the issue was not regarding the services he was offering on Fiverr but related to a general issues on Fiverr. The seller reported my message as spam and I received a warning from Fiverr. Did I actually violate TOS, should I contact CS to get this warning removed?


Any unwanted message is spam.

Yes, you violated the TOS.

No, customer support will not remove the warning.


That’s the thing, contacting sellers is only about if you’re interested by their services, not to answer your questions about something else, it’s considered like spam.


Messages are sent to the seller from buyers, a person who wants to buy something.

Did you offer to pay him for this help? Does he offer to provide this help? Most likely no. You do have sellers that have GIGs for online assistance, you should have contacted them and ask for the price.

Why would you ask a stranger to help you if he doesn’t offer that in his services?


No, it can not be removed. It will be cleaned from your account in 60 days.

You have a forum here and FB pages to ask questions regarding Fiverr main site.


So warnings get removed in 60 days? I know they eventually get removed, but I didn’t know they are removed in 60 days. Makes sense. I am asking because I have a warning too, a buyer went to customer support because he felt bad he left a 3.3 star review, he wanted to share that as personal feedback with me, not to make it public. So he wanted the review removed. The review was removed, but Fiverr gave me a warning, even if I didn’t tell him anything, especially to remove any review.

Probably not, but as far as I know, warnings are hidden from the CS help page when viewing warnings. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Yes, for minor violations they do get “removed” after 60 days as in they do not affect your account after 60 days, but if the next one is same as last one then it matters because you are then repeat violator.

You can make three unique minor violations or two same and then account is banned.


Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Gigs or orders.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page under Violations.

Your account is now at risk!

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.


If on our career here in Fiverr, we ever accept any warning from Fiverr, will it make our chance to become TRS impossible?

I once read on this forum, but sorry i forgot on which thread, that say having a warning from Fiverr will make us lose our chance to become TRS.
I once got a fiverr warning, but that’s when the site has an error.
I deliver a job and didn’t recheck it and then my delivery was empty and then I got that warning.
But then I am redelivering with the file and since then I always recheck all my delivery and since that time I never got any warning.

Any TRS here can share experience maybe?

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I was TRS and I got a warning while being TRS. It didn’t affect me. I lost it because of the 90% thing, due to having surgery. And guess what, never got it back.

That one I know. I didn’t know about the 60 day thing. I never had any warning regarding feedback manipulation, and now I am not even talking about the order with clients, since I don’t want them to have the same ideas as the other dude and go to customer support to ask for feedback removal.


Thank you so much for your guidance, would that warning further affect my gigs in a bad way?

Thank you for guidance, will never do that again


If you don’t mind could you please tell me that in which ways could that waring have a bad affect on my account and gigs? would that show my listings further low in marketplace, or do other bad things.

hi! sadly I am the one you send message to, any message that is not related to my service I hit the spam button on it, I was not aware that you will get a warning for that I apologize for that. I usually get a lot of spam messages. it’s also against Fiverr’s term of service to contact seller over general Fiverr forum issue in their Fiverr inbox.
it’s nothing personal but the reason I marked it spam because Fiverr counts new messages and how the seller converts them to sales if I replay to spam messages my gig placement and statistics will drop and the new search engine is very sensitive about this issue. (most sellers already saw a sudden drop in their ranking including me)

your question was related to promoted gig, so no one knows why Fiverr unqualified so many gigs in the promotion. as far as I know, only sellers in the first 3 pages are able to use promoted gigs real quality gigs became “unqualified” as this does not matter for now in the promotion.

as far as the ranking drop read this,

warning can’t be removed, and it does not have any serious impact on your account since you joined a few months ago. i think your listing will not change.


@shaheengraphic has given a good answer. Rather than thinking about the impact on your account, you should be aware of the impact on the seller’s account.

As sellers, we are marked on how quickly we respond to messages. It doesn’t matter if we are asleep, having family time, or working on someone’s order - in order to protect our stats we have to respond - or mark the message as spam.

This is why it’s important >>> Fiverr uses all sorts of data to decide where to position our gigs in the search results. One of these metrics is our response rate (we have to respond within 24 hours) and another is our response time (the sooner we reply the better). Anything that negatively impacts our stats can result in fewer impressions and therefore fewer orders.

Only a few days ago some respected forum members were sharing how they often receive 10 or so spam messages a day. These aren’t messages about potential work, these are messages about “please guide me to success” and “what is your tip to receive order”.

I used to be more active on the forum and some people thought it okay to send private messages through my Fiverr account - rather than through the forum. I can confirm how annoying it is to receive these messages. That’s why the spam button exists.

As @shaheengraphic has said, it’s nothing personal - we are simply protecting our accounts. The best thing you can do is learn from this and move on.


That sucks. To be honest, I wouldn’t have reported you, I’d just have given you an annoyed response about messaging me unnecessarily - don’t forget, every first message a seller receives counts against them if they don’t respond immediately. Even though I wouldn’t have personally reported you, I definitely understand why they did.


I understand your situation, you did what you should have done but due to lack of knowledge I did not expect it. I was meant to move to level 2 next month but now I would not be able to due to this issue. We get what we deserve and I had to pay for my mistake. Thank you for your guidance, it was helpful. Wish you great success.


You and @shaheengraphic both are great person, I’m reading how @shaheengraphic apologize for his action and how you respond to it.

You should be success here as long as you can maintain your great behavior.
Wish you luck and the best.

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