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I received an email but I don't understand the reason and purpose

"Do you need help keeping your freelance business in order? Do you have work that goes beyond Fiverr? We have the tool for you!

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Margarida Borges, Designer
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No ono read this topic??

It’s just a spam email. Nothing to worry about, ignore it. is owned by Fiverr, they are offering you a deal for this service, if you want to use it.

It’s definitely not spam.

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Well, the nature of spam is in the eye of the beholder!

If you need or are interested in something; it’s not spam.

If it’s useless to you; it’s spam. :nerd_face:

True, then again how can you say as a FIVERR user on the FIVERR Forum that a FIVERR Product is spam? That’s just funny to me :rofl: :rofl: :nerd_face:


No one is telling about product. The subject is an email offering something user didn’t ask for - I personally consider such as spam. But I agree, after digging into this I’m smiling as well :slight_smile:

Well, you agreed to receiving emails from Fiverr, which includes its services. So… it’s not spam. You agreed to it :slight_smile:

Formally - of course. Although agreeing to receive 3rd-party emails in order to be able to use service and asking for them are different things, but… who cares :slight_smile:

I am saying this again… AND.CO IS A PART OF FIVERR.COM… This is not a third party. LOL

I get it, but it’s still a separate platform offering additional service. That’s why the TS didn’t even understand the purpose of the email and that’s why it looked like spam to me from my personal point of view. I’m saying this again - leaving apart formal statements :smiley:

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We talked to much about a simple email.

It’s from Fiverr, and you can opt out :slight_smile: End of question :slight_smile:

Agreed, that’s straight to the point :slightly_smiling_face:

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