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I received an offer for a job almost immediately, but it's making me thing it's not legit

Potential Buyer:

Looking for candidate to handle payroll/data entry project… Interested applicant will be trained accordingly. Pay is $175 fixed price, you only work 2hrs/day for 3days a week. Get back to me if you are interested thanks.


I can get that done for you. :slight_smile:

New Messages

Potential Seller:

Thanks for your interest; My name is Potential Seller, I’m a successful freelancer, I was handling this project before i got a new job position with a business firm, sadly my new office job is taking more time than i anticipated. I receive contracts like payroll duties, banners and more from different companies. Right now i need available applicant to handle payroll duties. It is a flexible project, duties includes printing of company workers check and mailing out via USPS, FedEx or UPS. Interested applicant will be trained accordingly. Interested? Get back to me so i can list out the required items to begin. Thanks


Yes, that sounds great. Ready when you are.

Potential Seller:

Below are list of items you will need to get in order to begin, > Business check paper from Amazon and choose nextday delivery, ensure it is the exact one below ( > UPS express envelops and UPS nextday airbill forms (pick this up at any UPS mail drop off boxes closer to you, pick as many as posible it is free…) > FedEx express envelops and FedEx nextday airbill form (pick this up at any fedEx mail drop off boxes closer to you, pick as many as posible it is free…). This are the important items needed to get in order to begin. The business check paper funds, and ink will be reimbursed to you along with your first payment. I will like you to begin by tomorrow if possible. Text me ########## once you receive this message thanks.

Is this Spam? Should they be asking me to contact them outside the site? Shouldn’t they pay me before I go purchase things for them?

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This should be a red flag instantly. Sellers and buyers are not allowed to exchange outside contact information. Another red flag is they want you to spend your own money and purchase checks for $27.99 out of your own pocket to be “reimbursed” later.

Is the potential buyer new to Fiverr? Do they have any reviews? Did they join in May 2019?

In my opinion something seems odd and i would rather be safe then sorry. Keep in mind that some fraudulent sellers will actually purchase your gig, accept the service provided, leave you a great review, then do a charge back a week later and have the money returned back to them.


You are supposed to buy business check paper and ink from Amazon?

I don’t think so. :wink:

They want to forge checks and don’t want to buy the supplies themselves.

No one needs someone to purchase those things for them. They can order those themselves, all of the items mentioned.

And they want you to print checks for them. I hope no one actually agrees to do this. They can simply order checks themselves from any check printing company.

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Yes i looked at that also. They are brand new May 2019. Thanks for the confirmation of my gut feeling.


This is a common scam. See the similarities between the message you received and those detailed here:


In addition to what others have said, it will really hep you a lot if you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service (for example, you’ll see that contact outside of Fiverr is strictly forbidden, and would get you banned). It’s not some boring legal text, ToS explains how Fiverr works, what’s allowed, and what isn’t, so it will be easier for you to spot suspicious offers.



That should have been a clue right there. I am millionaire prince and I no longer can use my money so you can have them. :slight_smile:



I received the same information for my 1st job. They asked me what type of printer I had and if I was able to buy business check paper as well as airmail envelopes. They gave me the same explanation about not being able to meet the obligation because he receive a new job at a business firm. I called him out on this and let him know not to contact me again.

I just got the same thing! Glad I read this!

I just signed up today, and my FIRST two contacts were scammers. :frowning:
The second one was almost like this one…

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Please do not do this! We don’t want to see you end up in prison!

I’ve had the same experience. It’s rather frustrating to get excited about seeing this venture working only to be let down by internet trolls.

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Yes. It really is a let down when you realize it is a scam.

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