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I received an order from buyer but he did not provide requirements and information and i am still waiting for instructions .what is the best step to handle this situation


i contact him 3 times but still he did not give any response even he is online.


When did the Buyer place the order?


Best thing to do is just ignore it.

Nothing will happen until they enter requirements - they probably won’t ever do this if the order was made a while ago. Some of the bigger sellers have hundreds of orders without requirements like this.


because he buy my gig .


I’m asking did he place the order today? yesterday? or a few weeks ago?


yesterday without informing me .


bundle of thanks for your kind informations


you should send them reminder


OK, well maybe give the Buyer another day to submit the information. If not you can use the resolution center to request a delivery extension to save the order (due to the lack of info) or cancellation. Keep in mind ALL cancellations will affect your stats.



If you need the requirements. You can wait for him but If you think already you have discussed everything and don’t you need anymore requirements. You can ignore it. If any buyer place a order for my WordPress services without requirements. I can’t start the work. How will I start the work??
If you don’t need something like this you can ignore it or wait for requirements. If you want you could add buyer requirements field is require in your gigs without submit the requirements buyer can’t place a order.


yes .i did it already.


then you can wait for one or even two days if they didn’t send then cancellation is best solution


hmmm…bundle of thanks .


i have a similar problem… the client has NOT PLACED THE ORDER FORMALLY… only emailed me and gave me requirements and her materials… i have given her reminders and a custom offer but…
still no response…
because her presentation is on saturday…


No, because you haven’t got an order. If you do the work, you’ll be doing it for no money.


thanks for your prompt reply :slight_smile: