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I received an order with very unclear instructions and a rude buyer


This morning I received an order to create a logo which I love and enjoy doing, so i told him very kindly to please explain to me how he wants it to turn out, i got very very very unclear drawings drawn on paint… and had to figure out how to melt a keyboard and a mouse as a logo and so i did and he immediately insulted me even though i did as he asked and got second opinions from my family so i was very confused … he said it was a nightmare and wants his money back even though he still has my logo and then I sent him a second one instead of immediately canceling the order i didn’t want to give up and sent him a HD logo with all he asked and better, and he started saying that i was racist and he said why i was giving him the wrong logos his exact words was “is because im KOREAN” … ummm… excuse me well it is all a joke … to be honest. Especially when im super international my self and when this has nothing to do with racial rights… I was simply doing my job and for sure way better than his drawings.

And guess what… this is the craziest part HE REPORTED ME…

and i just joined fiver and i am working extremely hard everyday trying to get a rating and buyer i only joined this week and really want to do my job and i did many jobs before fiverr and never had issues and he has it for a couple of months and has no ratings at all and thinks he knows all… maybe a spammer?

watch out for: couponbook


@kadrewka: you should also report him and put attached files of the logo and the messages you got. If this gets canceled, you’ll get a bad rating and he’ll be gone with your logo.

I have already had “aforementioned person” in my inbox but don’t know him and haven’t done any business with him.


I understand your problem and I suggest to write Customer Support about this fact, providing conversations and every detail you can.

I must remember everybody that it’s forbidden calling out other buyers/sellers names on forum… probably a sheriff will delete them!!


thanks for the advice about not naming people in the forum threads, I didn’t know this.

But sometimes people just want to warn other people so I do understand kadrewka.