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I received an unfair rating

Hello there community.
I received a negative rating from a buyer and was wondering about what options I have to get the rating removed. I’ve put in work in order to deliver the gig and I really did work on it for 2-3 nights. The buyer then said that he doesn’t like what I delivered and also says that the whole text sounds like it was taken out of Google Translator. I’ve read the text multiple times to make sure I can understand what he’s talking about but I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with the document. Also, you could clearly know what topic the document is about but the buyer insisted on his statement that noone would actually know what is being talked about in the document. I could even show you guys the document if you understood German and I’m sure even you guys would say that you totally understand what the document is about.
Either way, after I delivered, the buyer wanted his money back and said that he would not give me a negative rating but since I put in a lot of work to translate the text I said that I will not agree on canceling the order.

So now I’m asking here, what could I do? I already delivered around 30 gigs, received 10 very positive ratings and now there is this one very bad rating where the buyer mentions a Translator.

Kind regards.

Talk to Customer Support. And also be sure to put the text through Google Translate, to show them a comparison text and show that this is not the case. Viel Glueck!

I’ve just written to them about a “poor experience” review I got 2 hours ago (check out my profile to see it! If you don’t, it’s long gone…) from a guy who wanted me to write 4-5 headlines in 10 words (!!!) and felt that my copy wasn’t good enough, wouldn’t order more words, spammed the modification while insulting me and… yeah, you get the idea. Absolutely not a fair review or reflection of what happened.

I’ve got screenshots. If CS won’t remove it, the entire conversation is going on my review. I’m not going to be held hostage by these kind of people, and neither should you. I’ll let potential buyers decide whether “poor experience” was my mistake or theirs. Be sure to remove website URLs and confidential details prior to doing that though. Just leave their username in. That’s your other option, of course. Expose their lies with the reality of what transpired. Use Photobucket and put a link in.

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Thanks a lot. Just took together the English text, German text and a Google Translate version!
Wish I could upvote you but it somehow doesn’t work despite clicking on the icon.

Not at all, I hope I helped!

My own bad review was just removed, so take that as a lucky sign!

“After careful consideration, we have removed the feedback. Based on the order page, we can see that the buyer has requested multiple revisions but has not provided you advice or information that would otherwise help you complete the order to their satisfaction. If possible, please try to address their concerns for the order. Let us know if we can assist further.”

Take that, [CENSORED]!

May I ask where you are from and if you are a native? Your clients name is German, so if he speaks German his concerns might be somewhat legit. I get horrible translated scripts from clients that purchased a English-German translation from Fiverr quite frequently.

I am a native and my German is at least as good. This is why I think that just wanted to have his money back.

Thanks. I am copy and pasting that to customer support as support for my only negative feedback for quality to be removed.

My friend gets this all the time. She translates English to Swedish and the other way around. She is a native Swede, but she speaks far better English than most people I know from England. She always gets accused of using Google Translate. Recently she got this negative feedback on another website:

"“Hello, this is not high quality and professional translation. client not accept this work and refushed.”

The client is actually using the content on his website (and I have sent a DCMA on her behalf).

These people just leave negative comments in the hope that they get stuff for free. This guy flat-out refused to pay, and she can’t have the feedback removed on that site because she can’t prove he isn’t Swedish (even though his profile says she is Indian)

Her Fiverr profile has a few complaints about her using Google Translate (which she never does) from a few years back, but customer support have removed every accusation since.

It is a common thing, sadly.

Don’t forget this line in their TOS: “Requests to remove feedback, unless in clear violation of our Terms of Service, can only be requested up to 45 days after an order is marked as complete.” Not saying this is the case, but something to remember as a possible reason they might decline your request.

Ah. Didn’t know of that. It has been over 45 days, but they have been messaging me back and forth since then. It would be in a clear violation of their ToS (I think) the customer was demanding free content to make up for the poor quality that I delivered (which he admitted he never read)