I received inappropriate messages


I received an inappropriate messages on my old account for about 5 months. I closed my old account and opened a new one. Before I closed my account I reported why am I doing this. It does not look like it helped at all, because I got the same message on my new account (2 days old). I am about contacting police about this, because I am not going to deal with scams and spam by myself. They are ruining my life. Is anyone has similar experience here?


The guy has purchased my gigs just to cancel it. Another few guys assaulted me with sexual content messages. It does affect my mood a lot, because I am not a robot.

Thank you for your response anyway. Have a good evening.


You’re on the internet. You’re going to run into scams and spam. The police can do absolutely nothing for you.


Look. People are always there, in fact the same way that we have crazy people in the streets we have them online too.

It’s desires. The word which probably attracts these comments.

People want people to do things to fill their desires as we know and since they are on the internet they can say whatever they want to.

And yes, the police can’t do anything about it unless it’s a direct assault, meaning that they know where you live, exact addresses and private info they have about you which you don’t know why they have it.

I don’t that is the case, but I don’t know…


Well, I am not going to be satisfied with that. I am experiencing stalkers attention and that is a serious case. Police can do a lot about it:)


I seriously doubt you have a stalker in your home town that found you through fiverr. This sounds like a big over reaction or maybe a delusion on your part.


jtengle, I do say what I know. I have closed my account just to open new one and on the second day I have got same guy writing to me. I have reported him to fiverr, but I believe it will take a lot of time to get a response. He buys my gigs just to cancel them and I believe he recognized me from my pictures. Think before insulting someone. That is my suggestion for you:)


Plus, I do not think I have a stalker in my home town. I do not have enemies and do not know any psychos personally :slight_smile:


Good luck with that. It sounds like you caught the attention of a jerk. Fiver support is still your best bet. Police will not help you with a cyber bully. The term stalker doesn’t really apply here.


:)>- Thanks


I receive inappropriate messages all the time all I can do is to report them, but does that affects my response rate because I don’t know how to reply to these messages


“I’m sorry, but I can’t help you”.


Ah, the response which gets us out of so many problems! :slightly_smiling_face: