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I received second warning within 30 days


Hey Mates!

I have a question. Let me just explain it in short.
I got a second warning within 30 days

1-was for the abusing the delivery button.
2- is for completing the academics work for the buyer.

Now the support has restricted my account
and I am told that my account is under review by the safty team.

What will happen to my account after review
what Should I do?

Looking for replies



Nothing you can do at this point. You already violated rules twice and it’s unlikely that you will get your account back. But let’s hope you’ll be the first lucky one.


I didn’t know that completing the academics work is agains TOS.
and the most Important thing is I did exactly what the buyer needed as I completed 78 order I am expert doing that task

but the at end after taking the files the buyer started crying that she did not need that…

what is my fault in this?


If you do something that’s against the ToS, it doesn’t matter even if you do EXACTLY what the buyer says. You need to first assess if you would be violating the ToS if you did what the buyer was asking you to do. If it’s something that’s against the ToS, you should know how to say “NO” to the buyer.

Also, not knowing the ToS is just an excuse. It is your fault and no one else’s. While creating a Fiverr account, all users are supposed to confirm that they have gone through the ToS and that they’d abide by it. :man_shrugging:


and what goes for them who are giving the sevice of completing the assignments etc on their gigs? Aren’t they voilating?


What’s “completing the academics work for the buyer” please I’d like to know so as to avoid it, anyone knows ?


It means doing someone’s homework. It could be writing college or high school essays, doing math or physics homework, etc. It’s something you can’t do on Fiverr anymore. Fiverr was getting bad press from teachers, academia, etc., so they put a stop to it.


Oh thank you :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


@fastcopywriter but I have seen many people who are giving this service openly on fiverr by making the gigs.
Why fiverr don’t take action againt them?


Fiverr does take action against them, often it’s just a matter of time before those gigs will be removed.

Just because someone else does it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.