I received two separate orders from single custom offer



I am a seller. A buyer contacted me with a requirement. And i sent a custom offer for $5. He accepted it and I received two orders each for $5 like a replica. If I click “View Order”, it opens only the first order. Is it possible Fiverr deducted another $5 without the knowledge of the Buyer? I think it is a bug.

I need advice on what I can do now. Can I send mutual cancellation request for the second order ? I don’t want my gig ranking to go down. Any advice is much appreciated.



Contact Support and ask them to see if there are two orders. You don’t want to manually cancel without being sure what happened. If Support sees there was a bug they might be able to fix it.

No one on the forum can see what is happening in your account and the buyer’s account, so there is no way for other sellers here to advise you.


Customer Support issue.