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I received warning for not answering to my buyers messages but

Hi there,

Thank you for your help in advance.

I received TOC warning for not answering to my buyers messages, I forgot to take a screen shot or copy the exact message but it stated that I was not answering to my buyers messages. Now, I have only two active orders and I am sure that it’s not related to any of these two.

I have one customer who’s order I finished about one month ago and he left 5 star review but came to me after that and asked for changes and I made changes, a lot of them. I did not answer on few of his messages on time but my question here is do I have to answer on messages to buyers I finished orders with? Is it against TOC rules?

If it is not against the rules, do you recommend me contacting the CS about this? Would they (be able to) remove the warning?

Thank you for your help.

Go to your inbox and see if you have any ‘unread’ message from your buyer.

As per as I know it’s all up to you. I don’t think you got a warning just for this.