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I recently edited my gig and now my gig shows couple of page later

Hi everyone, recently I’ve edited my gig. Before edited my gig, it shows on the second page, but now it shows on the 9th page. I’m new on Fiverr, and I didn’t generate any sales yet. When my gig was on the second page, then I felt happy but now feeling heartbroken.

I followed that I rank for tag wise, such as for the first tag, my ranking was the second page of this search category, and for the second tag, my gig shows a couple of pages later. So now, it can be possible to rank my gig on the first page of the search result by this current tag if I do marketing my gig? And how can I generate my first sale on Fiverr?


Hi @rankelevator, I think you need to offer a service that meets the modern market needs. You should look for what is trending the current Fiverr market too and try and adjust your Fiverr services to that. What is also good is expanding your knowledge! This is the key to creating better Fiverr services. I hope this helped!

And my top 3 tips for any new Fiverrian is :

1. Make your gig look professional - Make professional-looking videos and pictures for your Gig

2. Have a professional description of your service and explain in detail what your service provides

3. Offer some examples of your work on your page, either by video or picture