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I recently got Hacked

I recently got Hacked and the Hacker ordered 6 thousand dollars worth to his own gig with my credit card on file. Wish there was a quicker way to report this than submitting tickets. Support is SO SLOW! My credit card company wants me to sort it out with Fiverr before I claim fraud with the credit card company. Thanks for nothing


I’m really sorry that you’re going through this.

It can take support up to 10 days to get back with you, just because they are so swamped with everything going on right now.

I don’t know much about filing disputes and stuff on credit cards, but it sounds weird that the credit card company is telling you to work it out with Fiverr. From my understanding, they should at least be investigating and giving you a new card.

I really hope you get this sorted out.


Sorry for the misfortune. Maybe it is not even a hacker, if someone else has your account password, or you have logged in using their computer and saved the password, they can give themselves work through your account. think of someone!


I am not able to see your account. Where is your card on file?


Maybe try direct mail instead of ticket and put a big MY ACCOUNT WAS HACKED in the subject line:
support @

Hope you’ll get this resolved quickly, with such an amount on the line, I understand the all-caps frustration with support.

Fiverr has 2FA since a while, maybe activate that once you’re sorted out, it’s on the settings page under “Security” (provided you haven’t turned it on already, that is; I have 2FA both for Fiverr and email, I hope that’s at least a small additional obstacle)


Wait 3 days then go back to the credit card company. Once you get it sorted out, cancel the credit card and get a different one.


The account that was hacked was an older one that i terminated a few days ago before i knew I was hacked. It was interfering with me logging onto my new seller account which is also offline because i could not verify it because the Fiverr phone app verification process will not upload my drivers license. So either Way am dead in the water for a while. I did have the card company start a Fraud investigation on the 5 Grand of theft.

Actually , I only think my account was hacked because they purchased $5,000 worth of the same gig over 6 weeks with the same phone number recorded on my card. I suppose they could have just had my card number and just used it on FIVERR but I have seen no other purchases with that card that are fraudulent.

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Really Sorry to hear about it.

You should report that Seller and contact both the Fiverr support and Credit card Support. The Fiverr Team will check the issue and refund you.

If I have large ongoing internet purchases from the same company like that I get an email from my card company, at least some of them.

And fiverr also sends me notices when I make purchases and have my orders delivered so you should have been notified, by fiverr and by your card company as this was going on.

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Yes, I am surprised that my credit card company did not flag these. I am not sure if my account was hacked at this point or someone just got my card info and used it to buy the same gig on Fiverr and ran it up $5,000. I assumed at the start that my fiverr account was hacked only because the purchases were only to one seller and the hacker changed my contact information to not get notified about the Fraud transactions. Won’t know for sure until someone takes a look at my support ticket. Don’t know of any other Fiverr access emails or phone numbers to speed this up

Wow, sorry to hear. Set up the extra security option for your password. My wife recently had the debit card stolen in the mail and charges began appearing, there has been a lot of fraud happening lately.

What about your security questions? Don’t we have to answer those before we can change contact information?

What in the world did he purchase for that much money?

3 years ago I had the same problem, he logged on to my account and bought a picture "wallpaper "with 1200 from a new account, I contacted the support and he solved my problem in 2-3 days. I had to follow some steps and secured the account again. The 1,200 was returned to my account.

@briancaissie only Fiverr support can solve the problem .

Won’t know what he bought until support tells me.

That’s a lot of money man! I hope luck is on your side man!

How do they make the large payment? I have to give my card number or sign in to Paypal to purchase something.

So they would need not only your card number, but know the answers to your security questions to change your contact info. Not to mention the little 3 digit number on the back of the card.

Also since when does a new fiverr account earn $5000 in the first 6 weeks?

I had about 1300 in my fiverr account, he used 1200,I had about 1300 in my fiverr account, used 1200 and bought from a new account, was logged into my Fiverr account.

It’s kind of a dumb idea for hackers to target Fiverr by ordering huge amounts to a different profile. Even if it stayed unnoticed for a week or so, CS can still cancel the order up to 1 month after completion. Plus they only receive the money after 14 days and they will have needed to add some withdrawing methods to the “seller’s” account so it can be investigated where this money is going to.


Exactly. It’s not going to be hard to see who did it when they withdraw it.

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As smart as they appear to be for focusing on Fiverr, they probably also used the same mail address for Fiverr as they do for PayPal or some other payment method.

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