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I recently got Hacked

Well if the hacked account and the Gig seller were the same person, you could create expensive gigs. The 12 gigs i found averaged around $300 each. The more recent ones not found in my paper statement were more expensive, just dont know how much, yet.

sorry about that, I hope you will back your account soon.

I am really sorry for your situation.

Credit card company should have blocked those fraudulent transactions.

Don’t worry. Fiverr support will provide you necessary help to recover your funds.

Thanks for all the encouragement!

it’s possible it is a long-term hack. they must have been monitoring his account and used certain phishing techniques to get such details. But I guess you should first and foremost change your password to stop any future hacks and continue to seek solution from Fiverr support

same here, so annoyed by their slow response. I have only one bank, one card and that was hacked. Super inconvenient but fiverr doesnt care about it seems like. Hope you got your money back.