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I recently noticed a high boost in my gig

Normally my impressions on gig goes around 500 per day or below it, since a few days i observed a high boost with my impressions around 8k in less than 7 days, I have no idea, but i m happy, good amount of messages from buyers :slight_smile:


could you help me out against this impressions boost?

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Wow, that is incredible! Many blessings to you!


Make a attractive gig add high quality images it should impress your buyers, add a gig video of your service, do proper seo within your gig, write a brief and clear description use bullet points mention your service with it. Make your title look impressive. Promote your gigs, that should help you.

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how could i do seo of gig?

First of all make research about your service search your service on fiverr search bar you will get all the people selling that service, note the keywords that fiverr suggests and that should be your focusing keywords, include these keywords within the tags, title and description too if possible include in package aswell among the five you can focus on two of the keywords don’t make it look spammy at all make a use of english within it, you can check for sellers profile for the tags they use in their gigs you can use the keywords which is most common among most of the sellers and you are good to go :slight_smile:

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Check that out i forgot to reply to your comment guess replied to my own topic lol

this is good news @prafulkharade

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Thank you @qbo_xero_pro