I recived message form my client but after that they not give me work,


i recived many message from my client but then they not give me any job they told me, i will confirm you soon,


That’s totally normal, at least in my case. Lot of people texting but not each of them ordering. You need to say something like ‘Looking forward to work with you’, but if they don’t contact you in the future just move forward, don’t think about it.


You’ll use to it soon. :wink:


You’ll get use to it matey


Every one window shops and browses.
Some buy now, some buy later, some buy from someone else and some never buy.
Don’t worry about it.


You can contact him again and again,


Which…might get you reported :slight_smile:


thanks for your valuable information, further i don’t think about it,


The advent of my first 3rd/4th week of Fiverr, I was flooded with a lot of my client’s messages. I can still recall the each moment of getting any message so nicely. Getting order was not my prime concern but to build a strong relationship with each of the buyers. Sometimes, everything was ok relating making their order but that was nothing but in vain. ha ha ha.

It doesn’t matter Sunny. Just move forward and don’t keep it mind that you gonna get your order after getting a message, ok? If you are skilled enough, you must prove yourself today/tomorrow. So, needn’t be worry. Chilzzzzzz!


same case i also recived many msgs but no order


thanks for your valuable inspiration, obviously I moved forward , I learn some different different thing every day in my life, I always try to learn something everyday for develop my skill, I believed that if I have quality full skill today or tomorrow I proved myself,


That’s righ t@shawon_sunny


That is a Great ATTITUDE Shawon_sunny to move on. Yes, Believe that best comes to those who are best. I like your attitude to learn and grow. Keep up the good work! all The Best!


thanks for your wishes i belive that one day i achive my dream,and i respect my work,