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I recived order just 2 thumbnails

I have only received an order for 2 thumbnails so I have created more than 2 but need an order only 2 so that I can send more thumbnails I have created because I have also created one for my buyer.


I haven’t a clue what your post is about!


i completed my order
example 2 thumbnails in 100$ ,now i will deliver okay but i have 2 more thumbnails similar as my project so can i share it too?

Sure! I don’t see a problem with giving the buyer extra thumbnails!


I don’t want to be rude - but how on earth can sellers expect to succeed if they can’t even communicate in the official language of the platform.

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I just scanned through another thread where this whole long conversation was had and not a single post was in properly readable English. Not being a pedant, but if communication skills are so poorly cared about, it doesn’t bode well for either buying or selling.

  • Send please animal between Aardvark and Zebra

is not the same as

  • Can you please draw an animal with the head of an Aardvark and body of a Zebra

The first question could quite accurately see a Marmoset in a the post as it is between Aardvark & Zebra in the alphabet and has be sent.

The second Q is pretty clear.


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I have tremendous respect for those who speak a second language.

I speak a minimal amount of French and Spanish - but I would never dream that my skills are good enough to try and sell services in these languages.

And that’s my point. Too many people with English as a second language struggle on here as their skills simply aren’t good enough to enable them to communicate effectively.


I think the real issue is not the language thing at all but a stunning desire not to communicate clearly.

People in my own country communicate so vaguely that it is generally all but impossible to know what they are trying to achieve. They also don’t even try to understand what I say back to them. The number of times I have been misquoted in online threads with English speaking people is frightening.

“Can you put the underpants in the drawer so the cat doesn’t eat them.”

Does not equate to “cats eat underpants” no matter how many times you say: “oh but look you said those words”.

People seem to want to communicate poorly for some deliberate reason (that they won’t communicate). I think it is so they can remain the victim when the inevitable happens. Also so they can have power over others.

If my hypothetical animal drawing client above got a marmoset in the mail they can dine out on the whole exciting righteous anger routine for days.

I also think some people think that testing the person to see if they automagically understand their wavelength is some sort of Hipster passive-aggressive test. I get their vibe. If I return exactly what they are sending, they get real bent, real fast.

I am not here to be tested or play games. I am here to sell by solving a clearly defined problem.