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I recovered to level 1 and my delate delivery, and my gig is still in last positions!

Hi to every one! How are you?

Could you help me in this matter ?

I´m a music composer, and I have I´m almost a "Top rated" I do have 322 reviews, and all of them are excellent, and I do not have any negative review. My rating is "5 Stars"

Recently I dropped down to "No level" I lost everything… Why? Several delates.

I used to be always in first positions in Relevance, Recommended, and best-selling. And now, my gig is appearing in last positions in "Relevance" Last positions in "Best-selling”
and isn´t even appearing in "Recommended"

Now my delate rating is ok again, but my gig keeps been in last positions, and besides, I didn´t got to level two, when I do have all the necessary requirements for this level.
When I will go back to my usual positions? (I was always in first positions in the first page)

Or I have to start all over, like if I was a new arrival? Like If I didn´t had any orders completed,
No earnings? And not reviews?

Thank you for advance!