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I regret an order I completed

I regret it because I didn’t charge as high as I usually would because I thought they would leave a review. I just completed the order to build my reputation. It’s no one’s fault but my own. It still frustrates me. I guess I’ll know for next time.


I’m sure you did well. I get that sometimes even though I’m in Level 2. The competition out there is huge, we’re all being compared with prices more than the service.
Honestly, sometimes I undercharge/provide complimentary offer depending on situation - if it is for a project that I support or client speaks nicely. But then they take it for granted. They would always end it with “I’ll give you good rating” to try to shut me up which actually annoys me because it seems even more like a threat.

I know what I said above is not very professional but I believe I’m in the correct sub-forum - the ranting pot.


Whatever you do, don’t undervalue yourself, it will bring more problematic clients close to you.


Yeah it’s very frustrating. When I said I would charge $30, they asked me if I could charge $20 and that there are cheaper editors out there. I really should have said “go to them then” (but rephrased in a nicer way).

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Thanks, I won’t next time. If the same client wants to make another order and they want me to charge lower than I usually do, I’ll just say no.

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That’s a learning experience. For me as well.

Someone leaves me a tip larger than the full order’s price one day, and the next day two people reject my offer to do some work for them for super-cheap, just to increase my portfolio.

I don’t think we should take it personally, it’s just the way things happen…

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I have had such clients, who after seeing your gig packages, the prices and what they can buy, will contact you, and state a price much lower than what you charge.

I usually just say no.

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You fell for one of the classic blunders. When people contact me saying others are cheaper than me, I already have an automatic message set up:

“I never argue about what my competitors charge, they know better than me what their service is worth.”

Boom, roasted.


That’s a brilliant reply.

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Thank you, feel free to use it!

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I had one of those tonight. “I have another quote for [60% of my asking price].”

I just responded, “Hey, that sounds like a great deal! Best of luck with them.”


You shouldn’t regret working. No matter what they paid, you made money. What good is charging $100 and only getting one order a month, if you’re lucky to get even that.

Why not charge $10 or $20 and see what happens?

I see people with no reviews, charging $30, $50, $100.

I just delivered my third order to a client who has never given me a review.

Besides, reviews aren’t everything. Only 59% of my orders have been ratings, that’s the number I saw in Analytics. I don’t know how the 41% that didn’t review me feel about my work. Maybe 10% didn’t like it? So why would I want reviews from people that didn’t like my work?


I agree with the last paragraph (although I’m at 68%), but disagree with the first. It seems to assume higher prices mean less overall profit. While it does generally mean less overall sales, there’s a sweet spot where you can maximize time/profit, and I’ve found that to be generally higher than lower (starting at level 1-2, for a new seller cheaper usually wins).


That’s a good point.

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