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I regret sharing my information


Hi all,

I’m new to fiverr, near 1 month. In last days, I shared my contact information with my buyer (skype) for quick talk, and I received some warning messages.

Now, I’m afraid of blocking my account for that, losing my money, my job. I’m regret with my sharing, I’m stressed, now.

Is my account is going to be blocked if fiverr found out my sharing?

Could anyone who has experiment on this, please give me some information?

Please help me?

Thanks and best regards.


As you mentioned, you received some warning messages and that’s all you will receive if… you stop violating Fiverr’s TOS… If you were doing that simply for interacting and is related to a job you did for the client you can contact Customer Support to let them know that was your intention for sharing.

Your account won’t be blocked as long as you learned your lesson. And will be careful the next time around. :slight_smile:


There are situations in which confidential information may be exchanged, resume writers for example do get resumes that might have e-mails, phone numbers, addresses. Of course, buyers could choose to delete that information before placing a order, but who does it? If I need a resume designed, I want to get a perfect product, not something I have to revise.

With that said, what buyers attach is their business, but a seller should never share personal information, or communicate with buyers outside of Fiverr. You’re not building the Titanic, ask your buyer for clear instructions, and then do the job. There’s no need for Skype, e-mails, phone calls, or anything like that. In fact, even if Fiverr allowed it, I would never do it because it would be a waste of time, and time is something we can’t afford to lose.


I totally agree with @fastcopywriter – you should be able to communicate perfectly fine via Fiverr’s messaging system, which includes the ability to upload files and images in case the buyer needs to show you something more visual or send anything extra.

Personally, I never share my personal contact information with buyers or other Fiverr users (except for a very few cases where the other user and I have actually become friends). Though the vast majority of my buyers are friendly and nice people, I still don’t really know them. I don’t like the idea of a stranger halfway around the world with my personal contact information. Always keep your online safety and privacy in mind!


Did you share your information BEFORE or AFTER the buyer paid for the gig?