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I removed buyer request after sending offer


I saw a buyer request today and sent him my offer. After that there was option under request “remove offer” I wanted to change my offer dollars from 10 to 5$ then I clicked on that then request removed from there and I was unable to see it again.but in sent offers tab there is written 1 offer sent but there is also not showing that which offer I sent.
now my offer is sent ? the buyer will respond me of that or I have done something wrong with me? :frowning:


You only removed the Buyer Request from your list, that option is for if you, for instance, want to remove BRs that are actually sellers self-promoting in BR or that don’t interest you, for better overview.

Unfortunately, some features that are available for other custom orders that you send through inbox instead of to a BR, aren’t available for the latter (including “Withdraw Offer” - which is what you actually wanted to do - or set an expiration time for the offer), so your offer is still available to the person you sent it to.

They will respond if they are interested in your offer or simply accept your offer. If they aren’t, you won’t get a response or any notification telling you. Probably, you can forget about it if you won’t get a response or order from them after a few days tops, but you can’t even know. It does happen that buyers accept an order after quite a while, “out of the blue”, you need to “provide against that” already when you send an offer, either by setting an expiry date for “normal” offers, or by putting it in the custom text for an offer sent to a buyer request.


ohh thanks for replying :slight_smile: I was feeling worried because it was a good work in request and and I also sent him/her a attractive offer , this is why I was feeling worried.