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I replied to a "Spam" and MY reply was "Reviewed"?

I got a few messages from a person this afternoon, asking me to email them for a potential job relating to my order. Fiverr had marked the message as spam but I unmarked it and replied to the message anyway (because why not?).

After I replied, I got this message back from Fiverr: “After reviewing your message we’ve decided to approve it. It was received by “potential byer” atJan 12, 4:22 PM.

Does that mean that Fiverr automatically thought by me messaging them, I was sending spam? I’m so confused…

Edit: The person’s account has now been removed but it’s still weird that my message was reviewed as well…

Hmm I feel like if they mentioned emailing them, fiverr probably remarked that as spam. So they checked your message to make sure that you didn’t agree I guess?

I got flagged the other day as well (well, my message) for unfortunate wording regarding a story scene of mine that I want to have illustrated! Sometimes the bot checking messages is kind of “off” I suppose.

Yes probably, thanks. That’s the first time that has happened to me.