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I reply every msgs at a time but Response time decreasing

i reply to every messages at a time but today i see my response rate is decraese from 1 Hour to 2 Hour.can any one tell me why this is happened?

Don’t worry about it - it’s when you need a calendar to work out your response time it’s a problem! :slightly_smiling_face:

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okay thanks .but when it will be increase??

The next time you get a first message form a buyer just respond as quickly as you can, but honestly a 2 hour response rate is very good! :sunny:


Many people having this problem

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my response rate is 2 days but i am active in my response… no need to worry…

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Mine is 3 hrs, but still perfect! :wink:

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Thank to all :slightly_smiling_face:

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Remember the response rate shown is a summary of the past 60 DAYS not from the day you started your journey on FIverr!

i chat with a united states buyers after that my response rate become 2 HOUR .i am not seeing 60 days response rate.i am new on fiver and not complete 60 days still but during this time i see changes in my response rate.