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I reported a Spelling mistake in Fiverr app

There was a spelling mistake present with the Fiverr app so, I thought i will just report it They did Clarify my query about rewards but still, I haven’t received my reward yet :thinking:. Why does Customer support delay so much?


You report that one letter is wrong and not only hoped for a reward but actually asked for one?
Love that they are giving you a discount code though.
Wonder how much of a discount the Mods are due at this stage…


I think it is personally a bit off that you asked for a reward. And you definetly shouldn’t expect one.


Yeah, it’s not like they have a business to run or far more important questions to deal with. It’s a shame they keep wasting your “precious time”.

But anyway thank you for reporting it here about reporting it there. I know it took you a little bit more of your precious time so for that I’m forever grateful.


Oh yeah, forgot to mention that the reason they take so long is because so many people send stupid requests to them which wastes time.


There is a whole testing team present to test all its functionality and to spot error, I still wonder how they failed spotting such a mistake. I don’t care if they give a reward to me or not but they should definitely reward people for reporting such errors. However you are some how helping them improve their system. Doesn’t matter if the company spends a few dollars.

Haha, I don’t care if they reward me or not but was just curious about their response so, why not give it a try? :joy:

Get over yourself Zuckerberg…it was a typo.

So close down the ticket and stop wasting staff time with this

On your previous message it should read “to test all its functionality” as opposed to “to test all it’s functionality”

Please put your money where your mouth is and send some “few dollars” my way. Please and thank you.


Here, just in case. :wink: I would have also added an s to “error” and put a period instead of a comma, but today I feel a bit lazy…

Reward for what? you did your job to help fiverr to be better thats your reward.

Let’s see if that gets corrected.

I see grammatical errors all the time and reported a few in the past but it wouldn’t have occurred to me to ask for a reward.


Good grief! I thought I had seen and heard everything in these forums - but this is a new one!


There is a promo code right now I found for 50% off good until the end of 2020. :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you serious about demanding rewards for spotting a minor spelling error?

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No way i was just curious about “what would be their response”.

For those wondering why it takes CS days to respond to a legitimate inquiry, this would be one of the reasons. :slight_smile:


Most of the big companies do reward for spotting errors or detecting vulnerability. I was just wondering if fiverr might also do the same. Anyways asking for reward or money wasn’t my intention at all. I found a mistake anyways was just curious about to find the reward policies they have. So i just gave it a try.

CS should implement warning users for wasting their time replying to banalities. That would lower CS’s workload and make them more efficient. :slightly_smiling_face:


Seller’s pay 20% of their order value, buyers do a few dollars as a service fee. 5% if the order is above 40 USD. So that shouldn’t be a valid reason. they should hire more employees to improve feasibility and fast support. Lastly customer support is solely available to support and guide their customer’s if i am not wrong. Putting a warning on people seeking for help or support? People will start choosing another platform that’s all.

There was someone a few years ago on the forum who claimed he found a major security vulnerability and was threatening to tell everyone what it was unless he got a reward for informing fiverr of it. He finally did post the vulnerability (supposedly) on the forum and got banned.

I couldn’t tell that it really was a security vulnerability.

He made a huge issue about it.