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I reported Buyer and Fiver sent me a warning

Hello Fiverr Family,

I want to know something. I received a text from a buyer where he said me to contact home outside fiver I told him this is not allowed in Fiverr but he then started abusing me I reported his profile as abusive behaviour and instead of blocking him Fiver sent me a warning. I have lost my mind what is this, has anyone ever encountered this your report a buyer and fiver send you warning for reporting buyer LOL seriously


please anyone reply me on the topic I need help

They could have made a mistake and warned the wrong person after looking at the conversation. You could contact the help desk about it and explain the situation and see if you can get the warning removed.

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I am very scared to contact them maybe they will send me another warning and block my account

If you didn’t share any of your contacts or didn’t gave him any hints or links about you then you are fine! could be a mistake from fiverr. You can ask why you got the warning.

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Yes(no information was shared with buyer) I even did’nt abused him in return not even replied to him.Just went to his profile and simply reported him

Yeah, maybe contact fiverr you can ask why :slight_smile:

What did the warning say?

What did CS warn you for? Could you please share the screenshot of the warning?


Mostly we receive an email when we are warned and Fiver page shows us the warning too but in this case, I didn’t receive any email from Fiver and the warning I received was for abusive language which I never did I respectfully left the chat after buyer started abusing me and just to his profile and simply reported him