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I reported my buyer by mistake, did I do the right thing?

So a Buyer wrote to me yesterday night. I gonna be honest, I was in the middle of celebrating with my family (it was my mom’s birthday), I was a little bit tipsy. His request was really weird and made no sens to me, so I thought it was a bad joke. And got annoyed that he would waste my time.

I politely said I wouldn’t do the job (so it would not affect my response rate) and reported him. But he wrote back and I realized I was too quick on the report button. It wasn’t a joke and it was just me completely misunderstanding the buyer. So I immediately wrote to CS to explain the situation and that I would like to remove my report.

Did I do the right thing? I’m now working on that order and I’m scared the order may get cancelled by the CS while I’m in the middle of it. I’m also scared of getting a warning for false report or something (not sure it’s a thing on Fiverr).

Moral of the story don’t drink and Fiverr at the same time. :sweat_smile:


When you report a message, it only goes to the Trust and Safety Team for a review. It shouldn’t hurt your account or gig as far as I know.

Let’s hope for the best.

Keep us updated with the CS’ response though.

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One day someone sent a scam link and required me to click and visit that link to add personal info, I reported. Hours later, I had a person that clearly promoted their own services which were outside of Fiverr. I reported that too, and 20 minutes later I receive an account warning. The reason was I manipulated the reporting system.

Went to customer support, showed images that the person was self-promoting and they removed my warning.

The idea is… YES you can get a warning if you report a lot of people, even if you are doing the right thing. Since then, I am only blocking people or flag them as spam. I learned my lesson. I would recommend to just ignore the person or block them at most. I am sure a single report won’t be a problem, but learn from my lesson and just stay away from reporting people, as you can get flagged and receive a warning.


Thanks, I’ll note that. Fingers crossed that nothing bad happens this time. I reported him yesterday and still don’t have a warning so I guess it’s a good sign.

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Hmm. I just recently went through my inbox to do a bit of end-of-the-year cleanup and labeled a number of trivial/waste of time conversations as spam so to not be bothered by the individuals in the future.

When designating conversations as spam, the red flag and “Reported” text shows up next to the user’s name and date for the post.

Would labeling a bunch of old conversations as spam potentially trigger a warning like false mass reporting users would?

Update. I just checked my messages and got an answer from the customer support. I’m surprised it was so fast. :hushed:

I wrote to the french customer support so I’ll translate.

“Hello ********.
Here’s Lex and don’t worry, I’ll make sure this report doesn’t harm the client’s account.
Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.
Regards and happy holidays.”

So I guess everything is going to be alright. :grinning:


That is a good sign so we can say it is a lucky day for seller. :grinning:

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