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I request a GIg: And It Was Marked Unapproved!


Okay I buy hundreds a gigs from Fiverr. I requested a gig for a fairly simple job. I needed someone to create me some social media icons with a zombie theme to them.

Here is the exact request.

I need Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Icons but with a Zombie theme to them. visit www.fragglesrock for ideas.

Yes it is marked as unapproved? Really…

I think this is nuts all I want to do is hire a Fiverr seller and their automated system rejects my request with no explanation at all. You sellers should really consider how much possible work is being denied to you for really no reason whatsoever.

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiver links are not allowed.


I also think its ironic that many sellers have links to youtube to show examples of their videos… but I guess thats okay huh


that is fine i still think it is extremely stupid since a lot of time i give sellers my ftp to upload their work too…


kjblynx: I just checked your page and It seems you think links to off Fiverr is okay for you :slight_smile:

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