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I request a gig cancellation on support but no replay on 30 hr. Already delivery time gone. What to do now?

Hi, I’m new in Fiverr. I was doing good. But suddenly I got a wrong order which is order by accidentally. My delivery time was 48hr. I want to contact with the buyer but I can’t. Then, He/She knocks me after 22 hr. I did not know how to solve this problem because I’m new. After that, I contact Fiverr support and make a gig cancelation request before 25 hr of my delivery time. I thought within 24 hr it will be canceled. But now it almost 30 and my delivery time is already gone (now on minus hr - LATE). What to do now? I’m still tensed. Will it harmful for my account?

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What was happened then brother ? i am facing the same issue. A buyer directly bought my gig & demanding the things which is not related to my gig & nor i can do that even. He opened a dispute to cancel the order & if i cancel it then again my % will drop. this is happening for 3rd time in a month even i written on my gig that " Please contact me before opening an order "


Decline the dispute request that buyer sent you!

Contact CS and explain them that buyer ordered and asking for service that you are not offering and ask them to cancel your order without affecting your order completion rate , because its not your fault.

Although as far as I know, any kind of cancellation would affect your completion rate and profile, but I have read several comments of fiverr where sellers saying when CS cancels with reason, it wont affect your !

it worth a try !

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yes i am doing the same. i have opened a ticket 4 hours ago &will wait till i get reply from customer support

Fiverr straff need to more active.

Decline dispute !!!

I talked to support… they can not help… Support says " You can cancel the order ". So I decline buyers cancel order and I made a cancel offer to buyer. Buyer accept this but… my % drop :pensive:

I did that… but support did not help me.
And buyer accept my cancellation offer. But my % drop.

In both the cases even if seller opens dispute / or buyer open dispute… in both cases the loss is for seller :frowning:

True… I knock them 25 hr ago of delivery. but they ans me 36 hr ltr. Already my delivery time was gone… :frowning:

after cancellation. is your " Delivered on time " got decreased or not ? as you marked the cancel accept late ?